Chicago’s Growing Low-Wage Workforce

Chicago's Growing Low-Wage Workforce | Marc Doussard, Ph.D


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Challenging the Business of Fear Report



Media Contact:     Joanna Arellano, Raise the Floor Alliance  

Phone: 773.934.1511 /  jarellano[at]raisetheflooralliance[dot]org  / @RaisetheFloor

 Widespread Workplace Violations in Illinois Breeding a Climate of Fear and Illegality

Workers Release New Report and Call on Local, State Reps to Act in Trump Era

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Worker Centers: Organizing at the Edge of a Dream

Worker Centers: Organizing Communities at the Edge of the Dream | Janice Fine 


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Broken Laws, Unprotected Workers

Broken Laws, Unprotected Workers: Violations of Employment & Labor Laws in America's Cities | Annette Bernhardt et al., 2009


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Unregulated Work in Chicago

Unregulated Work in Chicago: The Breakdown of Workplace Protections in the Low-Wage Labor Market | Nik Theodore et al., 2010Unreg_Work.PNG

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May | Leader Profile: Isaura Martinez

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Inside the Real Gig Economy

Temp Work Now a Permanent Fixture, Creating Problems for ‘Invisible’ Workforce

by  and 

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Raise the Floor and Build Ladders

Raise the Floor and Build Ladders: Workforce Strategies Supporting Mobility and Stability for Low-Income Workers | Maureen Conway & Steven L. Dawson

Raise the Floor

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