Health and Safety

Because low-wage workers have limited protections which are woefully unenforced, they experience some of the worst working conditions in our workforce. Worker centers regularly see workers employed in dangerous industries such as construction, warehousing, landscaping, restaurants, janitorial work, and window washing. These workers, many people of color and immigrants, are particularly vulnerable to workplace injuries, and yet face some of the biggest barriers to getting treatment. While many workers are unaware of workers’ compensation benefits, others are facing retaliation for filing claims. Worker centers organize these workers, educate them around their health and safety rights, and help them file their workers’ compensation claims.

Raise the Floor has allied with the Illinois AFL-CIO and the Illinois Trial Lawyers Association to protect Illinois’ current workers’ compensation system, which faces fundamental changes in the state legislature, to ensure injured workers have access to treatment when they are hurt on the job.

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