Worker Centers: Organizing at the Edge of a Dream

Worker Centers: Organizing Communities at the Edge of the Dream | Janice Fine 


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Raise the Floor and Build Ladders

Raise the Floor and Build Ladders: Workforce Strategies Supporting Mobility and Stability for Low-Income Workers | Maureen Conway & Steven L. Dawson

Raise the Floor

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Challenging the Business of Fear Report



Media Contact:     Joanna Arellano, Raise the Floor Alliance  

Phone: 773.934.1511 /  jarellano[at]raisetheflooralliance[dot]org  / @RaisetheFloor

 Widespread Workplace Violations in Illinois Breeding a Climate of Fear and Illegality

Workers Release New Report and Call on Local, State Reps to Act in Trump Era

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Coming Soon!

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Resources from NESRI

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Unregulated Work in Chicago

Unregulated Work in Chicago: The Breakdown of Workplace Protections in the Low-Wage Labor Market | Nik Theodore et al., 2010Unreg_Work.PNG

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Broken Laws, Unprotected Workers

Broken Laws, Unprotected Workers: Violations of Employment & Labor Laws in America's Cities | Annette Bernhardt et al., 2009


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Challenging the Business of Fear Report

The report, Challenging the Business of Fear, features first-of-its-kind research based on surveys and interviews with nearly 300 workers employed in a broad cross-section of Illinois’ low-wage industries. Collaborators, Raise the Floor Alliance, a coalition of Chicago-area worker centers, and the National Economic and Social Rights Initiative (NESRI), captured what happened when these workers were injured or tried to address abuse at work.

Read the full report below

Read the Executive Summary here

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Chicago’s Growing Low-Wage Workforce

Chicago's Growing Low-Wage Workforce | Marc Doussard, Ph.D


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May | Leader Profile: Isaura Martinez

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