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HB1290 - IL Wage Lien Bill (#WorkersFirst Law)

The goal of the Illinois #WorkersFirst Bill is to allow workers the ability secure assets after a judge rules that they where robbed wages.

Too often employers are able to abuse current laws to avoid paying workers for stolen wages.

What Does It Do?

Puts #WorkersFirst in the employer's bankruptcy process

Prevents bad employers from transferring or selling their assets while they are going to court for wage theft

Allows workers to secure their interest in a bad employer's assets at the moment the violation occurs

Why Does It Matter?

Workers who were robbed wages have no right to their wages until a judge or agency rules they are owed wages. This can take 1 to 3 years.

Bad employers abuse the length of the process and transfer assets to other family members, close, or file for bankruptcy which keep workers from being able to collect any money at the end

Workers need a tool to protect themselves from bad employers and to collect the wages they were robbed from.

What Does It Mean For workers?

Allows workers to secure their interest in a bad employer's assets for the stolen wages in the form of a lien

Workers have 3 years from the time the violation occurs to record a lien

After a judge or agency decides on their case, the worker can collect their stolen wages through the recorded lien

Grant workers the right to collect assets from the company and the individual

If the employers tries to file for bankruptcy, it makes the worker a secured creditor



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