The Wage Protection Act



Illinois Families Deserve Economic Security!                 


Working families shouldn't have to make impossible decisions to make ends meet. Low-wage workers shouldn't be given the runaround when it comes to their right to be paid in full and on time--they must be able to rely on their owed wages. HB4324, the Wage Protection Act was introduced by Rep. Welch (7th D) and is lead by Centro de Trabajadores Unidos, Chicago Community & Workers' Rights, Latino Union of Chicago, Raise the Floor Alliance, and Restaurant Opportunities Center-Chicago to give workers a tool to collect their stolen wages and prevent bad employers from evading their debts by transferring assets or filing for bankruptcy. This proposed bill builds off existing laws in the construction industry and would ensure all workers are entitled to their legal right and the most basic premise of our economy - that a day's worth of pay is owed for a day's worth of work. Join us to support HB4324, the Wage Protection Act as we collectively ensure working families have the resources they need not just to survive, but to actually thrive.

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